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 Most of my published work is about the

 First World War  

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Memorials to a Lost Generation in British Schools


Written by Sarah Wearne 

Photography James Kerr 


'How did a nation not noted for its ability to express emotion, in fact famous for its stiff upper lip, manage to express its grief, love and pride for the thousands of young men who died in its service during the First World War? As this study of school memorials shows, it used the language of its past, of its history, religion, art, architecture and literature to convey emotions that words alone could not.'

"A memorial to the fallen 'boys' which is as  beautiful as it is touching.  In this centenary year of the Great War's end there will be many commemorative books, but none will surpass this. None. "
John Lewis-Stempel

Published in December   2018 by Helion & Company 


Battlefields of the Western Front 1914-1918



Written by Simon Doughty

Photography James Kerr 


This is a large scale style coffee table book of landscape images from the Belgian coast to the mountains of Alsace of the battlefields of the Western Front. This is in collaboration with Simon Doughty, military historian, writer and editor of the Guards Magazine.

"James Kerr’s photographs superbly evoke the haunted landscape of the Western Front. Simon Doughty’s supporting text strikes just the right note. A terrific book.”

Sebastian Faulks 


“A beautifully-crafted book with a large number of stunning photographs by James Kerr and thoughtful complimentary text by Simon Doughty, Silent Landscapes is a fitting tribute to the men and women who fought on the Western Front, while simultaneously offering the battlefield visitor a visually stunning accompaniment. The aerial images are fascinating, and the winter shots particularly striking.  The book is highly recommended.”

Richard van Emden

Published in June  2016 by Helion & Company 

No longer available at present


Battlefields of the Dardanelles 


Written by Simon Doughty

Photography James Kerr 

This book follows on from the original Silent Landscape in much the same format and tells the Gallipoli story through a combination of contemporary photographs and an artfully scripted text.  

'A century on, these stunning photographs highlight the haunting beauty of this once harrowing battlefield. Gallipoli’s extreme drama is told through its pages using some of the most remarkable images the eye has seen - a wonderful book.'

Stephen Chambers - Gallipoli Association

Published in July 2018


Foreword by Dame Judi Dench

Written by Robert Colvile 

Photography James Kerr 

In collaboration with Robert Colvile, a former  features and leader writer with the Daily Telegraph, has produced this superb coffee table book. It has taken two years to photograph This handsome volume of superbly illustrated photographs is 176 pages long, measures 28 x 26 cm and is available direct or from selected Warwickshire and Cotswold Bookshops

From the towers of Warwick Castle to the Tudor houses of Stratford, Warwickshire is one of the most beautiful counties in England. 'Shakespeare's Scenery' is a journey through the heart of that county, exploring the town where the poet was born and raised, and the landscape and history that shaped his life and work. With exclusive photographic access to the leading mansions and monuments in the county, and in-depth explorations of their history and significance, this is the ultimate guide to the birthplace of the Bard.’

Robert Colvile





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